The Hope for Wholeness Family

In July we took seven individuals to the annual Hope for Wholeness Conference at Ridgecrest, NC.  Though this conference is a small conference at this point, my hope is it will grow.  One of the most important dynamics of this conference is that it provides an experience to help those of us who have been impacted by same-sex attractions to know that we are not alone . . . that we have a family of many others who are experiencing much of the same dynamics that we are.  I love hearing the stories of individuals, moms and dads, Christian leaders, and others who simply have a heart for all people . . . including gay people.

The magic formula of the HFW family, cannot be found in a teaching or on the schedule. It's at the lunch table, it's in the halls, it's in the after-hours' socials, it's over to the side during worship as the Holy Spirit moves. It's an intangible thing that says, "You belong. You're not weird or different, you are loved, you are accepted, God loves you, and we love you." --Read more here